Custom Made Specialty Doors - Doors 4 Paws
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Custom Made Specialty Doors

Custom-Made Pet Door


We offer a clear custom-made door which is an Australian made Perspex unit especially suited for large dogs.

  • Magnetic silent, self-closing.
  • Stainless steel hinge and fittings (no rust).
  • Chrome on brass barrel bolts for secure locking – can’t be accessed from outside.
  • Suitable for most sliding doors.

Custom-Made Pet Door With Opaque Locking Panel


The custom-made pet door with opaque locking panel.

  • Totally silent action.
  • Strong magnetic closing.
  • Strong stainless steel hinge.
  • All fittings are stainless steel (no rust).
  • Separate opaque locking panel, secured by a series of clear swivel clips.
  • Locking panel not accessible from the outside, making it more secure.
  • Being opaque, the dog can see that the door is locked.
  • The door comes with spacers to fit between the inside and outside frame to suit 4, 5 or 6mm toughened glass – that means no gaps to gather dirt.
  • Suitable for most sliding doors.
  • Doors must be installed into pre-cut toughened glass, ideally 5 or 6mm but can be installed into thicker glass including double glazing by using longer screws.

Custom-Made Special Pet Door


In instances where you have been told your pane of glass is too small to fit a pet door, or you think your pane of glass is too small we have a solution!  Our custom-made special doors are a pet door inserted into a piece of Perspex.

  • A made to order Perspex panel made in Australia that replaces one pane of glass and comes with a built-in flap to accommodate the size of your pet.
  • Perfect for small glass windows, such as panels in French doors.
  • Made in Australia out of a strong 6mm Perspex.

This type of door cannot be quoted over the phone and would require an on-site measure and quote.  Trent can also help you decide which will be the best size for your pet.